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<poem> fa a I or fi'MI (Ar.), act, deed, action, conduct, behaviour. fa-ham' (Ar.), understanding, knowledge : acquainted with ; often pronounced p-ham'. sa'lali fa-liam', misunderstood. m-fa-hatn', to be informed about, know, understand. fa'i'dah (Ar.), profit, advantage, benefit: also fa'edah. ber-fa'i'dah, useful, advanta- geous. fa' jar (Ar.), dawn. Cf. dim- It an. fa'kat (Ar.), to confer; deliber- ate, agree; also muafakat, and pakat. s-fa'kat, in agreement, in collu- sion. ber-fa'kat, to be in agreement. fa'kir (Ar.), a religious mendi- cant, beggar; poor. falsu, see pahu. ia'na (Ar.), mortal, perishable, transitory: as opposed to baka, imperishable. 'Far'si (Ar.), a Persian; also Parsi. fa sal (Ar.), chapter, section; about, concerning, with re- gard to. a' pa fa' sal, why? fa'sik (Ar.), immoral, depraved, wicked. fat hah (Ar.), the vowel point corresponding to a ; see bar is. fa'ti-hah' (Ar.), the first chapter of the Ivoran. f-dlu'li (Ar.), to trouble oneself, concern oneself, care about; usually pronounced p-du'li. f-dlu'li-kan, to care for, take trouble about. fer'dlu (Ar. apportioned), . .re- ligious duty; usually pro- nounced per'lu, q.v. feriiggi, see frirggi. fham, see faliam. fihak, see pihak. fi'il, see fa'al. fi'kir, ber-fi'kir (Ar.), to think, ponder, meditate. fi'kir-kan, to reflect upon. fi'ki-ran, thoughts, ideas, opin- ions. fi-ra'sat (Ar.), the art of phy- siognomy; also 'il'mu fi-ra'- sat. iir'daus (Ar.), Paradise, the Garden of Eden. tlr'man (Ar.), decree, command of God or of a sultan. b-fir'man, to decree, command, say (of God or a sultan). fit'nah (Ar.), calumny, slander. ft'nah-kan, to calumniate. f-ri'n?'gi (Ar.), European. G ga'dai, pawn, mortgage. pa'jak ga'dai, pawnbroker's farm or monopoly. i'bus ga'dai, to redeem a pledge, take out of pawn. ga'dai-kan, to mortgage, pawn. ga'diig, elephant's tusk; ivory; also the ribs of a boat. ga'doh, disturbance, uproar, noise; also per-ga'do-han. ga'gah, strong, powerful; force, strength. Cf. kuat. ya'ga-hi, to compel, force. Cf. paksa.