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<poem> ga'gak, a crow, raven. ga'gap, to stammer, stutter. gah', fame, renown, glory; also mgah, q.v. ga-ha'ru or g-ha'ru, aloeswood. Cf. alwat. ga'jah (Sk.), an elephant. ber-ma'in ga'jah = ber-ma'in cha'tur, to play chess; see chat in: ga'ji (Eur.), wages, salary. Cf.

pah . 

o'ranj ga'ji, a hired man, ser- vant. ma'l-an ga'ji, to receive wages or a salary. ga-la-ga'la, pitch vised for caulk- ing boats. ga'lah, a long thin pole such as is used on native boats for poling or mooring them. ga'lak, fierce, savage. ga'lak-kan, to stir up (as flame or passion), excite. ga'laig, mrg-ga'larg, to prop up, shore up; also kalarg. ga'li, mrg-ga'li, to dig. prg-fia'li, spade; pick-axe. ga'li-an, a mine, also k-li'an. ga'mak, miy-ga'mak, to draw a dagger or sword partly out of the sheath, so as to threat- en an adversary. ga'mak, ga-mak-qa 'mak ; at a guess, approximately. gam'baqg;, a musical instrument. gam'bar, a picture, portrait, pic- toral representation. tu'lis gam'bar, to draw a pic- ture. gam'bir, the name of a plant, gambier. ga'mis (Ar. qamis), shirt, vest. ga'm-lan (Jav.), a Javanese band. gam'paig (Jav.), easy: usually snary or mudah. a' naif gam'parg, illegitimate- child. ga'nas, fierce, ferocious, violent- gan'chu, a hook. gan'da, fold, in the expressions i s-pu'loh gan'da, ten- fold. s-ra'-tus gan'da, a hundred- fold. s-ka'li gan'da, or gan'da, two- fold.' du'a l-a'li gan'da, twice as much again. ber-gali'da-gari'da, manifold. gan'dom (Pers.). wheat: ai?o irigu. ang;, ber-gaiy'gaig, to wann? oneself at a fire. Cf. diatrj. mrg-garg'garg, to warm or dry" over a fire. gaig'gu, impatient, importunate,, interfering, meddlesome; to- be in a hurry. gan'ja, the Indian hemp, from- which an intoxicating drug is made. gan'jal, a wedge or " liner " in- serted in frames or bearings- to tighten them up; the- spaces used with type to> separate the words. gan'jil, odd, uneven (of num- bers). Cf. gnap, even. gan'tang;, a measure of capacity (see end of Grammar). gan'ti, substitute, successor; in- place of, instead of. bcr-gan-ti-gan'ti, in turn, suc- cessively. Cf. gilii: