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<poem> gan'ti-kan, to succeed, take tlie place of a person. gan'ton?, ber-gan'toig, to hang, suspend; to rely upon. gan'torg-kan, to hang up. ga'iyut, hard, not mealy after cooking (of had potatoes). ga'ram. salt. tin' pat ga'ram, salt cellar. ga'ra-mi, to salt, cure. ga'raig, fierce, savage, furious. Cf. ganas. ga'rau, loud, deep, hoarse (of sounds). gar'fu (Port.), a fork. gar'ham, see gerliam. ga'ring, a basket slung on the hack. ga'ris, a scratch, score, groove, incised mark = goris. miy-ga'ris, to score, make a scratch. ga'rok, mig-ga'rok, to scratch, scrape. ptg-ga'rok, scraper, rake, curry- comb. ga'rut, a scratch. Cf. garis. ga'sak, mrg-ga'sak, to beat, strike with a stick. Cf. Mai. ga'siig, a child's top. ma' in ga'siry, to play tops. ga'tal, itchy, itching; the itch; also lascivious. ga'yoig, a ladle made out of a coco-nut shell. Cf. chebok, which has no handle. g-doig', storehouse, barn. Cf. gudaty. ge'lek, mrg-ge'lek, to roll with a roller or rolling pin; to be run over by the wheels of a carriage. Cf. gilirg. ge'leig, mtg-ge'lerg, to shake the head. ger'baig, the gate of a fortress, town or castle; also pin'tu ger'barg. ger'baig, mrg-ger'barg, to let down the hair in disorder. ge'rek, mtg-ge'rek, to bore, drill. pig-ge'rek, a drill. ger-ga'ji (Sk.), saw. ger-ga'si, a fabulous race of giants. ger'ham, a double tooth, molar; cf. gigi. tn'larg ger'ham , jaw bone. gerhana, see graliana. ger'sek, coarse sand, gravel. Also kersek. ger'tak, mrg-ger'tak, to stamp, strike with the feet (as a person urging on a horse), strike weapons together in order to intimidate ; hence to threaten. ger'tak gi'gi, to grind the teeth. Also kertak gigi. ge'sek, mnj-ge'sek, to rub, cause friction (usually of rough things). Cf. gesel, gesir and gosok. ge'sek bi-o'Ja, to play the fiddle. lg-ge'sek, the fiddle bow. ge'sel, mig-ge'sel, to rub to- gether. ge'sir, mig-ge'sir, to rub between the palms of the hands. g-gak in the phrase : g-gak' gm-pi'ta, a loud con- fused noise.