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<poem> gm-ba'la, shepherd; see gombala. gm-be'ra, excited, excitement. gmilarg, see gilatg. gmntar, see gntar. gm'pa, shaking, quaking, especi- ally of earthquakes. gm'pa bu'mi, earthquake. gm'par, tumult, uproar, riot. gm-pi'ta (Sk.), loud, roaring (of noises) : usually in the phrase : g-gap' gm-pi'ta or g-gak' gm- pi'ia, a loud confused noise. g-mok', fat, corpulent, stout; fertile (of soil). Cf. tam- bon. g-m-rn'cheig, clattering, clank- ing. gmtar, see giar. gmuroh, see yuroli. g-nap', complete, entire, consum- . mated, even (of numbers). Cf. ganjil, odd. s-g-nap' . the whole, all. s-g-nap' dun'ia, the whole world. s-g-nap' lia'ri, the whole day. x-ri'lt y-nap', exactly a thou- sand. g-na'pi, to complete, accom- plish, consummate. gn'daig, a long cylindrical shap- ed drum: also gndratg. gn'd-raig, a large drum; see gn- datg. gig'gam, the closed hand, fist. s-grg'gam, a handful. gtg'ga-man, the grasp. gn'ta (Sk.), a bell; usually 1o- gn'tar and g-mn'tar, to tremble, especially with fear; also g'tar and g-m'tar. gn'tiig, a roofing tile. a'tap gn'tirg, a tile roof. goa' (B.) (Chin.) (10), I, me. go'a and go'ha, a cave. go'choh, mrg-go'choh, to strike with the fist. Cf. tumbok. ber-go'choh, fighting with the fists, boxing. go'lek, ber-go'lek, to turn or roll backwards and forwards (as a fowl on a spit, or a boa't rolling). Cf. gulirg, gilirg and geld-. go'lek-kan, to roll or turn any- thing backwards and for- wards. go'lok (Penang), a chopping knife = pararg. gom-ba'la (Sk.), a shepherd, herdsman; a pastor (X.). gom-ba'la a' yam, one who tends poultry. gom-ba'la-kan , to herd, tend animals. gon'chaig, mig-gon'charg, -ban, to shake with more or less rapidity or violence. Cf . ber-gon'chan/, trembling, shak- ing (intrans.). ' "* gon'dah, uneasy, anxious. pa'saig gon'dah, neap tide. gon'dok, goitre. gondol, bald, bare-headed, bare of leaves (of trees), bare of vegetation (as hills). Cf. boiak. goig', a gong. goig'goig, mrg-gorg'gorg, to carry in the mouth '(as a dog). goni, see a.uni.