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<poem> ha' mi! (Ar.), pregnant. Cf. buntirg, ham pa, see hmpa. ham 'par, mrg-liam' par , -i, -ban. to spread out (as mats, car- pets, grain, etc.). Cf. bn- targ. ham'pa-ran, a carpet. ham'pa-ran ba'tu, pavement. ham 'pas, refuse, residue. liam'pas sa'gu, sago refuse. ham' pi r, mrg-liam'pir, near, nearly, almost; to approach, draw near. Cf. dkat. ham'pi-ri, to draw near to, ap- proach a thing. ham zah (Ar.), an orthographi- | cal sign, used to introduce a j syllable commencing with a vowel. han'chur, mrg-lian'cUur, -lean, to crush, reduce to powder, dis- solve in liquids, decompose; also metaphorically of the heart. Cf. rmok. han'dai, companion, comrade, friend. Cf. taulan, sahabat and kawan. Jian'dai tan' I an, friends and companions. handak, see hndak. hatg' (Penang), thou, you = arg- kau. ha'n?at, hot (fire heat) : also of anger. Cf. panas. ha'rgat-kan, to heat. ha'igus, to burn, be burnt, con- sumed or scorched. Cf. ba- kar,. which means to apply heat to, without necessarily consuming, as in heating iron. Hi a' iy us-kan, to burn up, con- sume. h an tarn, see lintam. han'tar, mrg-han'tar, -kan, to. convey, escort; also to send in charge of another. CL batva, irliy and kirim. ter-han'tar, laid down, stretch- ed out on a bed or on the ground, as a sick or sleeping person or a corpse. han'tu, a ghost; evil spirits sup- posed to haunt certain pla- ces. Cf. jin and 'ifrit. bu'rorg liantu, the owl. ja'ri han'tu, the middle finger. ha'n/a, only, merely, except, but. Cf. chuma, mlainkan and sa- haja. ha'n/ir, a fishy smell; fetid, ran- cid. ha'iytit, ber-lia'iyut, to drift r float on the water. o'rarg lia'njut, a vagabond. hapal, see liafatl. ha'pus, mrg-ha'pus, to obliterate,. efface, rub out, wash out. hara, see hitru-hara. ha'ram (Ar.), forbidden, prohi- bited, unlawful; sacred, hal- lowed. Cf. lialal. ha' ram -kan, to prohibit, de- clare illegal. ha'rap (148), hope, trust, con- fidence; to hope, trust. ha'rap-kan, to trust in, rely upon. k-ha'ra-pan, disappointed. har'dek, nug-har'dek, to reprove,, scold. Cf. trgkirg. ha'ri (8k.), day of 2 hours. Cf. siarg. ha'ri b-sar' , festival, holiday. ha'ri hi/' Ian, date. ha'ri hu'jan. a rainy day or rainy weather.