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<poem> lha'va (Ar.), love, passion, de- sire; usually brahi. ha'u-a naf'su, carnal desires. fiayat (Ar.). life, vitality, the vital spark. Cf. hidop. s-la'oi a'da liay'at, while I yet j live. Icr-ha'yat, having life. he' (132), an interjection; oh! he bat, see liaibat. fie'ja (Ar.), mrg-lie'ja, spelling, orthography ; to spell; also eja. he'la, niry-lte'la, -lean, to drag, draw. Cf. tarek and seret. tie'lak, rmg-he'lak, to dodge, evade; also dak. he'lak-kan, to ward off, parry. liemat, see him mat. hen'ti or hn'ti, chiefly found in its derivatives: bcr-hcn'ti. to stop, stay, cease, rest: (B.) brenii and rnti. ii-a'da ber-lien'ti, incessantly. ber-hcn'li-kan 1'lali, to rest after fatigue. jx-r-hen'ti-an, rest, resting place. herdek, see liardek. lier'ga (Sk.), value, price. hrr'ga ma'ti, fixed price. lier'ga nin' rail, a low price. b-ra'pa lier'ga? what price? la' roll lier'ga, to fix the price. ber-hcr'ga or b-her'ga, valuable. lier'ta (Sk.), property, goods. her' fa bn'da, valuables, goods and chattels. Jicr'ia dnn'ia, worldly goods. lii'as, brr-ln'as, ornamented, de- corated; (B.) brias and n'os. in iii-ln' as and lii'a-si, to adorn, ornament, decorate, fit out, prepare. per-lii'a-san, ornamentation, at- tire, trappings. hi 'bur, m rg-hi'bur, -kan, to com-. fort, console. piy-hi'bur, a person or thing which gives consolation or solace; the Comforter (X.). prg-lii'bu-ran, comfort, consol- ation. hi'daig, miy-hi'darg, to serve food. lii-da'tyan, courses (at a meal). ma'kan s-hi-da'rgan, to eat of the same course, eat together. hi'doig, nose, snout. Cf. mun- choig. ba'taty hi'doiy, the bridge of the nose. lo'barg hi'dorg, nostrils. hi'dop, alive, living; fresb, as opposed to dried, preserved or canned; to live, have life. Cf. liayat. lii'dop pu'la, restored to life. d'ryan hi'dop-iya, alive. i kan It id op, fresh fish; as op- posed to ikan krivg, dried fish. la'gi lii'dop, still alive. s-u'mor hi'dop, all one's life. su'su hi'dop, fresh milk as op- posed to tinned milk. In' do-pi and hi'dop-kan, to pre- serve a person's life, restore life. k-hi'do-pan, means of liveli- hood. hi'jau, green. hij'rat (Ar.) (1G6), the Hegira, the Mohammedan era. Also ha j rat. hi-ka'yat (Ar.), narrative, story, history. Cf. chertra. hik mat (Ar.), wisdom, know-? ledge, science, medicine;