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<poem> hence supernatural power, magic. hi'laig, lost; to be lost, disap- pear, die. hi'laiy-kan, to cause to disap- pear; obliterate, destroy. Jc-hi-la'iyan (128), having in- curred loss, deprived of, bereft of; as o'rarg k-hi-la'- rgan pi'sau, a man who has' lost his knife. hi'lir, mrg-hi'lir, the lower reaches of a river; to go down stream, descend a riverĀ ; as opposed to mudek, to go up stream. Cf. liulu. him'mat or he'mat (Ar.), pur- pose, intentionĀ ; diligence, care; aspiration. him'pon, ber-him'pon, to assem- ble, gather together. Cf. leumpol and krumun. him'pon-kan, to bring together, collect, cause to assemble. per-liim'po-nan, an assemblage, assembly, congregation, church in a looal sense (X.). hi'na (Sk.), low, base, mean, despicable; lowly. . hi'na di'na, the poor and lowly, the common people. . hi'na-kan, to despise, disdain, humiliate. hi'na-kan di'ri, to abase or humiliate oneself. Jc-hi'na'an, degradation, igno- miny. hinai, see //"//'. Hin'di, usually neg'ri Hin'di, India, Hindustan. Hin'du, o'rarg Hin'dn, a Hindu; (Penang) a Tamil. hifg'ga, until, as far as: limit. Cf. sampai and had. s-hinj'ga, until, as far a- such an extent that . per-hiirj'ga'an, limit, boundary, frontier: . contracted to p- rerg'yan. hiig'gap, to alight or perch upon, anything, as birds or insects. hin'tai, miy-hin'tai, -kan, to spy.. peep at; see iniai. hiri, see iri. hi'ris, mty-ln'ris, to slice, cut fine, hash. hi'sab (Ar.), counting, caleula- . tion; usually liitoit/. hi'sab-kan, to count, reckon. ter-hi'sab-kan, capable of en- umeration. ti-a'da ter-hi'sab-kan ba'tyak- . tya, innumerable.

hi 'sap, mry-hi'sap, to suck, draw into the mouth or nostrils.. hi' sap clian'du and lii'sap ma'~ dat, to smoke opium. hi' sap ro'kok, to smoke the native cigarette. hi'tam, black. hi' tarn ma'nis, brown. hi'tonf, mrg-hi'torg, -kan, to count, reckon, calculate. Cf _ bilaiy. h-lai' or lai' (84), numeral co- efficient of thin or flat ob- jects. s-h-lai' ker'ias, a sheet of paper. s-h-lai' s-pirg'gan/, with only the clothes one has on. ba'ju s-h-lai', one coat. h-la'man, courtyard in front of a palace or Other building-. hlaix, see lanj. h-li pan or li'pan, a large cen- tipede.