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<poem> ik'rar (Ar.), fixed, settled. Of. krar. i kiit, m-rgi'kut, to follow, imi- tate, obey. Cf. turut. ber-i-kut-i'kvt, in succession. i'lah (Ar.), God, a god. I -la hi (Ar.), divine; my God. II ham (Ar.), divine inspiration. il'ham-kan, to impart divine inspiration. "il'mii (Ar.), knowledge, scholar- ship, science. ber-il'mu, learned, scholarly. i mam (Ar.), priest. i'mam b-sar', high priest (X.). i man (Ar.), belief, faith, creed, religion ; the Mohammedan faith. ba'tva i'man, to embrace the faith, become a Moham- medan. im'pit, m-rgim'pit, to press, squeeze. Cf. apit, than, tin- deli. 'nai, henna, a red dye. I'narg, nurse; also i-narg'da (court language). Cf. asoli. Sn-che", a title equivalent to the English Mr.; also 'n-clie" and die'. in'chi (Eng.), an inch. In'dah, beautiful, attractive, im- portant, valuable, precious ; also in-dali-in'dali. in'dali-kan, to value, pay atten- tion to, care about. Jn'dok and in'dorg, mother; chiefly used in the phrases : in'dok ma'du, honeycomb. in'dok mu-ti-a'ra, mother of pearl. in'dok su'i-ra, cocoon of the silk-worm. in d-ra (Sk.), the name of a Hindu deity. k'in'd-ra'an, the heaven of In- dra. This word is often con- fused with kndara'an, q.v. , noise, clamour. m-rgi'rgat, to remember, think, pay attention, heed. i'lytit-i'rgat, take care, be cau- tious. b-ri' i'rgai, to remind, caution. i'rgat-mm, to remind a person. i'ga-ian, attention, thoughts. ter-i'rgat, remembered. per-i'nja-ian, a reminder, me- mento. Iifc'g-ris (Eur.), English. i'rgln (148), to desire, covet. Cf. rindu. k'i'nji-nan, desires, longings. Itg'lan, neg'ri Irq'lan, England. , mucus from the nose. i'lym, to blow one's nose. i'ni (16), this, these. i'ni ha'ri, today. i'ni ju'ga, this very thing; at this very time, just now. a'Jcu i'ni, I (emphatic). s-ka'ranj i'ni, just now. si'ni and di si'ni, here, in'jak, m-ir/in'jak, to tread on. Cf. pijak and irek. in'jil (Ar.), Gospel, the Xew Testament. in'jin (Eng.), engine, machine. Cf. jntra and psawat. in'saf (Ar.), justice, equity, fair- ness. Cf. 'adil. in'san (Ar.), man, mankind; usually manusia. in'sha' Al'lah (Ar.), please God, God willing; also insha'/fah.