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<poem> in'tai, m-njin'tai, -lean, t> spy, peep at, watch for, peep into ; also lilntai. in tan, diamond. i'par, brother-in-law, sister-in- law. i'poh, the upas tree; the poison made from that and other trees for poisoning darts. i-rauat (Ar.), the will or de- c-rees of God. "I'rak (Ar.), Mesopotamia. i'rek, m-nji'rek, to stamp on, thresh by trampling on. Cf. injak and pijak. IIHJ-I re-kan, threshing floor.

i'ri, i'ri lia'ti, spite, malevolence.

i'riig, m-nji'rlnj, to accompany, escort. Cf. hantar. i'rirg, i'ri-rgan, side, see ereiy. I-ro'pah, Europe = Airopah. Tsa (Ar.), Jesus. i'sha (Ar., evening), one of the lima icaktii, or five periods of prayer; also sm-bah'yarg 'i'sha. i-sha'rat (Ar.), a signal, sign. Cf. tanda. i-slia' rat-kan , and b-ri' i-sha'- rat, to make a sign. Cf. lambai.

i'si, contents.

i'*i dun' la, the inhabitants of the world, the whole world. i'si kali' win, dowry. i'si ki'tab, contents of a book, i'si neg'ri, inhabitants of a city. i'si p-rot', intestines. i'si ru' mail, family, household. 'bcr-i'si, containing; to contain. Cf. muat. -i'si-kan and m-rgi'si, to fill, load. Is-kan dar (Ar.), Alexander. Is lam (Ar.), Mohammedan. a-ga'ma Is'lam, the Moham- medan religion. ma'sok Is'lam, to become a Mo- hammedan. is' lam-lean, to make a person a Mohammedan. isnin, see ithnain. is-ta'na (Sk.), palace; also as- tana. is-taig'gi (Sk.), incense ; usually starggi. is-ti-'a'dat (Ar.), custom. is-ti-me'wa, especially. is-tiig'gar (Port.), matchlock. , is-tin'ja (Ar.), ablutions after evacuation. is't-ri (Sk.), wife (more respect- ful than bini). bcr-is't-ri, to have a wife, be married. bcr-is't-ri-kan, to take to wife, marry a woman. i'tek, duck. a' yam i'tek, poultry. ith'nain, is'nin or s-nin' (Ar., second), Monday; usually lia'ri is'nin. i'tu (16), that, those. si'tu and di si'tu, there. i'zin (Ar. idhin), permission, leave. b-ri' i'zin, to give leave or per- mission. min'ta i'zin, to ask leave, or permission. ja'bat, mn-ja'bat, to touch, grasp, lay hold of. ber-ja'bat ta'tyan, to grasp the hand or to shake hands.