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<poem> ja'mah, mn-ja'mali, to touch. jam'ban, a latrine. jam'barg, a flower pot; usually jam-ba'rgan. Cf. pasu. jam'bu (Sk.), the generic name of a number of fruits. jam'bu bi'ji, the guava. jam-bu'a, the pomelo. jam'bul, tuft of hair or feathers. ja'min (Hind.), bail, security. o'rarg ja'min, one who stands bail. jam'pi (Sk.), magic formula. ja'mu, mn-jafmu, a guest; to entertain at a feast. per-ja'mu-an, a feast. jan'da, widow, widower; man or woman separated from his or her consort. Cf. balu and bujarg. ja'igan (73), do not, lest. s-pa'ya ja'rgan, lest; also a' gar ja'rgan. ja'rgan-kan, far from, not only, not merely. jaig'gal, awkward, unsuitable, badly arranged, not sound- ing right, discordant. Cf. cliarggorg. jaig'got, beard. jarg'ka, fixed quantity or mea- surement. jaig'kar, rootlets hanging down from the branches of banyan and other trees. Cf. akar, banir and tunjarg. jarg'kit, mn-jarg'kit and ber- ja ty'kit, infectious: to spread, be catching or infec- tious (of a disease or con- flagration). Cf. rayap. jan'ji, promise, agreement, con- tract. min'ta jan'ji, to request the ful- filment of a promise. o'bah-kan jan'ji, to break one's promises. sam'pai-kan jan'ji, to perform one's promises. ber-jan'ji, to promise, make an agreement. per- jan' ji-an, an agreement, contract. jan'tan (87), male (usually of animals). Cf. laki-laki. jan 'ton*, the heart (anatomi- cally), cf. hati; also that which resembles the shape of the heart, as : jan'torg b-tis', the calf of the leg. jan'torg pl'sarg, the knob at the end of the banana blossom. ja'rak, the castor oil plant. mi'ryak ja'rak, castor oil. ja'rak, interval, distance between two objects. Cf. jararg. ja'rak-kan, to place at inter- vals. ja'raig, seldom, rare, scarce, at wide intervals, far apart. ja'rarg-kan, to space out, place at wide or wider intervals. ja'ri, the fingers, a measure = the width of a finger. ja'ri han'tu, the middle finger. ja'ri ka'ki, the toes. ja'ri k-lirg'kirg, the little fin- ger. ja'ri ma'nis, the third finger. ja'ri t-lun'jok, the first finger. i'bu ja'ri, the thumb. ja'rin?, a large fishing net. a trammel, a net for catching birds or animals. ja'rom, a needle. ja'rom cliu'cliok, bodkin.