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<poem> jo'get, dance, dancing. Cf. tari. Jo'hor, the name of a country at the south end of the Malay Peninsula. jo'Iok, mn-jo'lok, to gather fruit off a tree by means of a long pole. Jon?', a junk. joig'kit, mn-jo-rg'kit, to rise at one end, tip up. jong'kok, ber-jory'kok, to squat, sit on one's haunches. jo'ri (Hind.), a pair (used of horses only). Cf. pasarg. jo'roig, tray for betel nut. J-pun', Japan, Japanese. j-ram', rapids in a river. j-ra'mi, straw, hay, the fibrous parts of certain fruits. j-rang', mn-j-rarg', -kan, to heat over a fire. Cf. diarg and paiggarg. j-rat', mn-j-rat', -kan, a noose or snare; to snare. Cf. rachek. j-ra'wat, pimples on the face. Cf. bisuL j-rit', mn-j-rit', to scream, cry out as in fear (of men and certain animals). j-rok' (Jav.), generic name for oranges, limes, etc.; usually I i man. Also a preserve or pickle made from these fruits. j-ru'mat, darning. j-ru'mus, prostrate, flat on one's face. Cf. tiarap. ter-j-ru'mus, fallen flat on one's face. jua, see juga. ju-ak-ju'ak, body-guard. ju'al, mn-ju'al, -kan f to sell. ber-ju'al (100), selling, en- gaged in the sale of. ber-ju'al-b-li', buying and sell- ing. ju'arg, ber-ju'arg, to fight (of elephants and dragons). ju'bah (Ar.), tunic, a long outer garment worn by Arabs, and by Malays on special occa- sions. ju'di (Sk.), gambling. ma' in ju'di, to gamble. ju'ga (144, 162), likewise, just, nevertheless, merely ; also jua. ba'ik ju'ga, pretty good, just as well. b-gi'tu ju'ga, just like that. dm'ki-an ju'ga, just in that way. i'ni ju'ga, just now. sa'ma ju'ga, this very thing, just the same. ju'Iaig, mn-ju'larg, to raise up above the head, bear aloft in the hands; carry astride on the shoulders, toss ( as a bull). ju'liiK, squint; cross-eyed. ju'lor, mn-ju'lor, to stretch out, put out, extend (the limbs, tongue, etc.). Cf. unjor. juma'at, see jma'at. j u ml ah, see jmlah. jum'pa, ber-jum'pa, to meet, come across a person. Cf. inu. ju'igor, snout, beak (of some animals and birds). Cf. muncliorg. jun'joig, mn-jun'jonj, to carry on the head, place on the