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<poem> head in token of submission, hence : jun'joiy du'li, lit., to put the dust of a king's feet on one's head, to do obeisance. jun'joiy ti'tah, to obey a king's command. jun'jo-igan, the person to whom one does obeisance, lord; used in Malay writings of Mohammed. jun'tai, ber-jun'tai, hanging down loosely (of the legs, clothes, etc.). ju'ru, a skilled workman, au ex- pert; in the following ex- pressions : ju'ru b-ha'sa, an interpreter. ju'ru ba'iu, second mate on a vessel . ju'ru kun'chi, turnkey, stew- ard. ju'ru ma'sak, a cook. ju'ru inu'di, steersman, quar- ter-master. ju'ru s-la'mat, Saviour (X.). ju'ru iu' Us, a clerk, secretary. pn- ju'ru, a corner, angle. ju'rus, a brief interval of time. s-ju'rus la'ma-tya, for a mo- ment. ius'ta (B.), false, untrue = dusta. ju'ta (Sk.) (33), a million. juz' (Ar.). one of the 30 portions into which the Koran is divided. K fc, a prefixed used in forming the ordinal numbers (34), and certain derived nouns (126- 128). k- (27, 149),. to (usually of places). k'a'tas, on to, upwards. k-da'lam, into. k-ma'na, whither, where? k-ma'ri, hither. k-pa'da (149), to (usually of persons). k-sa'na, thither, there. k'a'bah (Ar.), the name of the sanctuary in the great mos- quo at Mecca, the temple at Mecca; the temple at Jeru- salem. kabar, see kliabar. ka'bol (Ar.), assenting, content; to assent, accept, agree. ka'bol-kan, to approve a thing. ka'boig, a measure of length for cloth: a length of white cot- ton material, folded and laid on the shoulder as a sign of mourning. Cf. kadut. per-ka'bo-iyan, mourning. ka'bon?, the sugar palm. ka'bot, mist, obscurity; obscure, dim, dark. Cf. kabur. k-lairi ka'bot,, pitch dark. ka'bu-ka'bu, the cotton tree which produces kapok. ka'bur, dim (of light or of the ej r csight). Cf. kabot. ka'bus, indistinct, dimly seen. ka'cha (Sk.), glass (the material of that name). Cf. chermin and glas. ka'chak, smart, neat, dapper. ka'chaig, beans, peas. kn'cliarg ben'de, "lady's fin- gers." ka'cliairj go'rirg, roasted pea nuts. kn'chaty ka'yu, the Indian dall. ka'cltarg pa'raiy, a very large bean.