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<poem> ber-la'boh, to anchor. la'bo-han, anchorage. la'bu, pumpkin, gourd. la'hur, in its derivative : p-la'bur, rations, supplies serv- ed out. la'chi (D.), a drawer = (B.), took. la 'da, pepper. la da me' rah, red pepper, cayen- ne pepper. Cf. chdbai. la'da pu'teh, white pepper. la'da chi'na, the chili, red pep- per. Cf. chabai. la'daig, cultivated fields, dry rice fields, as opposed to sa- wah, q.v. Cf. bndaiy and hum a. la'ga, ber-la'ga, to collide, strike together (of large bodies, as j animals fighting). la'gam, a horse's bit. Cf. karg. la'gi (40, 89), more, still, yet, again. la'gi lii'dop, still alive. la'gi s-ka'li, once more. a' pa la'gi, what else, how much the more. b-lum' la'gi, not yet. b-ra'pa la'gi, how many more. s-la'gi, as long as, while. s-di'kit la'gi, a little more. la'gu, tune, lah' (3 b), an expletive suffix which is usually joined to the verb or some emphatic word in a sentence. la'hir (Ar. tla'hir), visible, out- ward, exoteric ; as opposed to batin, inward. lai, numeral coefficient of thin or flat objects; also lilai. la'in, other, different; exclusive of; difference. m-la' in-lean, but, on the con- trary, on the other hand. Cf. hanja. ler-la'in-an, diverse, differing from. la'jak, go forward, push ahead (as a boat). la'ju, rapid, moving swiftly (as boats, carriages, etc.). Cf. dras. la'ki, husband. la ki bi'ni, husband and wife. la-ki-la'ki (87), male, mascu- line = (B.) dlaki. Cf. jan- tan. ber-la'ki, having a husband married (of women). ber-la'ki-kan, to marry, be mar- ried to (of women). lak'sa (Sk.) (33), ten thousand, lak-sa-ma na (Sk.), admiral. lak-sa'na (Sk.), like, resembling. la'ku, ber-la'ku, action, conduct, style, manner of doing a thing ; to take place, happen, occur, pass current, sell readily. s-la'ku i'ni, in this manner, thus. la'ku-kan, to bring to pass, exe- cute, carry out. la'ku-kan di'ri, to behave one- self, comport oneself, act. k-la'ku-an, behaviour, action. la'lai, a state of semi-conscious- ness ; hence, listless, careless, negligent. ter-la'lai, in a semi-conscious state. la'lai-kan, to neglect, dis- regard. la'laig, a very coarse grass. la'lu la'larg, to pass and repass. la'lat, the common house-fly. ta'lii la'lat, moles, freckles.