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<poem> la'Iu, to pass, be past; past, ago, after that, then (138). la'lu la'larg, to pass and repass. a' da ti'ga ha'ri la'lu, three days ago. Ix'r-ja'lan la'lu, to pass by. pu'kol ti'ga la'lu,, past three o'clock. s-la'lu, always. ta'hun la'lu, last year. ter-la'lu, very, extremely. la'lu-i, to pass by a thing, go past, overlook, disregard. la'ma, long (of time), length of time, duration, old, former, ancient. Cf. tua. la-ma-la' ma, la'ma k-la'ma'an, after some time, finally. la'ma su'dali, a long time ago. . bi'ni la'ma, a former wife. b-ra'pa la'ma, how long ? pa'kai-an la'ma, old clothes. 3-la'ma, as long as, while. s-la-ma-la'ma-rya, for ever. s-ta'hun la'ma-rya, for a year, a year's duration. lam'bai, m-lam'bai, -lean, to wave. lam'bai-kan ta'rgan, to make a sign by waving the hand. Cf. isharat. lam 'bat, slow, tardy, dilatory, late, too late. Cf. lergah and iewat. lam'bat-kan, to retard. lam'boig, side, flank. latn'botg, m-lam'l)org, to toss in the air, bound up and down. lamin, see plamin. lam'pau, m-lam'pau, exceeding, beyond, excessive; to exceed, go beyond. ler-lam'pau, excessively, too much, very=(B.) ter-lam- pon. lam'pin, swaddling-clothes; also kain lam pin. lam'poig, light, bulky for its weight (of wood). lam pu (Eng.), lamp. Cf.plita. la mun, in case, in the event of, if. la'mun ja'rgan, for fear that, lest. 'a'nat (Ar.), curse, imprecation, damnation. Cf. sumpah and Jcutok. I'a'nat-kan, to curse. lan'char, rapid, fluent (especial- ly of speech). Cf. paseh. ba'cha lan'char, to read fluently. lan'chorg, false, counterfeit, lan'dak, the porcupine. bu'lu lan'dak, the quills of the porcupine ; when removed from the animal they are known as duri landak. lan'das, in its derived form: lan'da-san, an anvil. laig', a generic name for birds of the hawk tribe. la'rgau, a large horsefly. Cf. pikat. . Iai'gai, iurq'garg larg'garg, hel- ter-skelter, head over heels. laig'gar, m-larg'gar, to attack, assail, assault, contend against, violate a command, Cf. lawan. lairj'gar 'a'dat, to violate a cus- tom. larg'gar b-ha'sa, to transgress the rules of etiquette. lanj' gar hu'kum, to violate the law. la'igir, m-la'jgir, -i, cosmetics used in bathing; to use such cosmetics in bathing.