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<poem> la' (git, the sky, heavens. la-n/it-la'-tgit, ceiling, the roof of the mouth. ka'ki la'rgit, the horizon. Iai kah, m-lan/'kah, -i, a pace, a step; 'to step, step over. laig'kan (B.) (Chin.)., open space round the chimche". laigkap, see Irgkap. lat^'sat, the name of an edible fruit. latg'si, door curtains, portiere. Iain's on?, outright, for good and all ; also sometimes = lalu, especially in Penang and Perak. lan'jur, t-lan'jur, lengthy, pro- tracted; (B.) tlariju, during, while. ka'ta su'dah t-lan'jur, "the murder's out." Ian jut, long (of lime or of a story), of loig duration, pro- tracted. Cf. lama and pan- janj. lan'jui-kan, to prolong. lan'tai. floor, also the laths (usually of the niborg paim) of which Malays make their, floors. pa' pan lan'tai, floor boards. lan'tak, m-lan'tak, to drive in, ram. p-lan'tak, ramrod. lan'tas (Jav.), thereupon, then = Malay lalu. lan'tek, m-lan'tek, to install, in- vest, inaugurate (princes and high officials). la'iyak, m-la'tyak, to trample, tread down. lap', lap' lean, to absorb. ker'tas. lap', blotting paper. la'pah, to flay. Japan, see dlapan. Ia'pai>j, broad, extensive, spaci- ous, wide. Cf. lebar and luas. la'par, ber-la'par, hunger; to he- hungry. Tc-la' pa-ran , famine. Ia'pe n (B.) (Chin.), balcony open to the sky. la'pis, fold, layer (81). ba'jit du'a la'pis, two mat>. worn one over the other. piu'ta fit' joh la'pis. seven doors- or gates in succession. la'pok, mould, mildew. la'raig, m-la'raty, -lean, to forbid, prohibit, Cf. tgah and pan- taiy. la-ra'iyan, contraband, tluit which is tabooed or prohibit- ed. la'ras, barrel of a gun. la'rat, m-la'rat, to spread, ex- tend; to drift (of clouds., ships when their anchors- drag, etc.). Ta'rek, to turn on a lathe. p-la'rek, lathe. la'ri, ber-la'ri, to run, run away r flee, escape. ba'ira la'ri, to run away with. la'ri-kan, to cause to run, run away with, run off with r


. p~la'ri, fugitive, runaway. p-la'ri-an, escape. lash'kar (Pers.), soldier, army; sailor. Cf. soldado and kha- lasi. la'ta (Sk;). m-la'ta, to creep. crawl (of plants and an- imals).