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<poem> la'tah, a nervous affection, the symptoms of which are some- what similar to the effects of hypnotism. la"uk, the food which is eaten with rice whether meat, fish or vegetables. la"ut, the sea. la" tit a' pi, hell. ba'rat la"ut, north-west. ti'nior la"ut, north-east nt-la"ut, to go out to sea (as river fish). la"u-tan, the ocean. la' wan, ber-la'ii-ttn, adversary, rival; to contend, strive, compete. Cf. laiygar. Dt-la'u'an, to oppose, resist, withstand ; opposed t o , against. la'wat, m-la'icat, to visit. la yak (Ar.), worthy, fit, proper. la'yan, m-la'yan, -i, to serve, wait upon, minister to. p-la'yan, a servant. la'yaig, m-la'yanj, to soar, hover. . la-yarg-la'yarg, a kite. ber-ma'in la-yanj-la'yarg, to fly a kite. bu'rory la-yatg-la'yarg, a swal- low. m-rgan'jory la-yary-la'yarg, to throw a kite up in the air. la'yarg-kan su'rat, a poetic ex- pression for sending a letter. la'yer, a sail. bu'ka la'yer, to set a sail. i'kat la'yer, to furl sail. b-la'yer (98), to sail, set .-ail, start on a voyage. la'ycr-l-nn. to sail (a vessel). p-ia'ye-ran, voyage. la'yu, withered ; to wither, fade. la'zat (Ar.), pleasure, delight,. enjoyment (of a sensual kind) ; pleasant to the senses, la'zim (Ar.), indispensable; hence, in common use, com- mon; also kla'ziman. I'bah, bee. sa'rarg I' bah, hone}'-comb, a bee's nest. l-bai', a mosque attendant. I -bam', discoloured, as the result of a bruise. bi'ru l-bam 1 ' , black and blue. l-bat', thick, dense, heavy (as- foliage, insects or rain). Cf. rendaiy. 'beh (89), more, more than; sur- plus. Cf. lagi. I'beli d-liu'lu, previously. I'beh ku'rairj, more or less. Cf. leira-fara. s-l-beli-l'beli-rya, at the most. ter-1'leh (93, 94), most, very. l'b<-li-l:an, to make more of,. aggrandize, consider of more importance. k-1'be-lian, excess, superiority. 1-bu', dust. Cf. dbu and habok. 1-bur', m-l-bur', to melt or fuse metals, smelt. Is -1-bu' ran, abyss, chasm. le'bar, wide, broad; breadth (36 r !Xote). Cf. lapaig and hias. le'cheh, protracted, slow, linger- ing. le'chek, m-le'clu'l-, to crush by a grinding motion, under the foot or in a vessel. le'hir, neck, throat (external). Cf. Jcroigkoni. ba'taig le'hir, the neck. cli-l-ei-' le'hir, to throttle. p-lol-' le'hir, to embrace. po'torg le'hir, to cut the throat.