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<poem> per-lin'do-iyan, shelter, that which affords a covering; privy, latrine. lin'taiR, m-lin'targ, across, trans- verse; to go across, traverse, pass over. Cf. linias and bujor. lin'tary pu'katy, higgledy-pig- gledy. ka'yu lin'targ, cross-bar. Cf. palarg. lin'tas, m-lin'tas, to pass through, cross, penetrate (through a tract of country, or of wea- pons through the body) . Cf . lintarg. li'or, a'yer li'or, saliva. li'pan, a large centipede = hlipan, li pas, cockroach. li'pat, m-li'pat, a fold ; to fold, double, turn down. Cf. lapis. li'pat lu'tut, to bend the knees. ber-li'pat, folded. li put, m-li'put, to encompass, cover. l-kak, l-kak-l-kok 1 ' , full of cavi- ties, uneven, undulating. l-kap', m-l-kap', to adhere (of flat surfaces). -kas', quick, rapid; quickly, im- mediately. Cf. bargat, dras, laju and pantas. l-kas'kan, to hasten, expedite. -kat', m-l-kat' (149), to stick, adhere ; to be fixed upon (of the eyes). l-kat'Tcan, to cause to adhere, affix. Cf. Jena and tampal. -kok', dent, indentation, hollow, cavity ; dented, depressed, stove in. l-kak-l-kok', full of cavities, uneven, undulating. I'lah, labour, exertion, exhaus- tion, fatigue ; weary, exhaust- ed, tired. Cf. Iteli and pnaL ber-hen'ti-kan I'lali, to rest after fatigue. ber-l'lah, to exert oneself. Map', deep, sound (of sleep). Cf. njadar and lena. ti'dor l-lap', to sleep heavily. I'mah, weak, powerless, deficient of strength. Cf. Iteh. I'mah Im'bot, gentle, rnild r meek. k-l'ma-han, weakness, debility. -mak , suet, animal fat. Cf. miryak. I-ma'ri, wardrobe = almari. I-mas', smothered, suffocated. ma'ti l-mas', to die of suffo cation or drowning. l-mas'Tcan, to smother, suffo- cate. Im-ba'ga, form, bodily shape, the material as distinguished J.T- -j. 1 from the spiritual. 1m 'bah, a valley, a depression. Im'bap, moist, damp. Im'bar, a strand, thread. Im'bek, soft, flabby, yielding to- the touch. Cf. Inibot. m 'bine, a spear, lighter than the tombak. Cf. sligi. Im'bot, soft, pliant, gentle, ten- der. Cf. Imbek. I'mah Im'bot, gentle, mild-, meek. Im'bot-kan, to soften, appease. Im'bu, the ox. Cf. sapi. Im'bu b-ti'na, cow. Im'bu jan'tan, bull. a'nak Im'bu, calf. Im'poh, paralyzed. Cf. tepok.