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<poem> In'dir, slimy; slime, phlegm, mucus. J'fgan, the arm. Cf. targan. lig'kap, equipped, fitted out, supplied or furnished with a necessary outfit. s-lrg'kap, a complete outfit. ber-lrg'kap, to prepare oneself, hold oneself in readiness. lig'kap-kan, to fit out, equip, prepare. I'-hg-ka'pan, equipment, expe- dition, fleet. li^-ki'arg:, a barn,- granary for rice. lig'kat (B.), to stick = Ikat. Irg'koig, an arch, dome, semi- circle. In-iyap', to disappear, vanish. In-iyap'Jcan, to cause to disap- pear, make away with. In'taig, t-ln'targ, lying on the back. In'tur, pliable, flexible. lo'ba (Sk.), coveteousness, cupid- ity. Cf. tm'a. lo'bak, Chinese radish. lo'baig, a hole. Cf. lia-rg. lo'baty hi'dorg, the nostrils. lo'barg ja'rom, the eye of a needle. lo'barg kun'chi, keyhole. ber-lo'barg, perforated, having holes in it. lobok, see lubok. lo'cheig (Chin.), a bell. Cf. f/nta. loh' (Ar.), slate; also papan loh. lo'kan, a shell-fish. lo'kek, mean, stingy. 'lom'boig, a surface mine, placer mine. lom'pat, m-lom'pai, to jump, leap, spring, bound. loi'pa-ti, to jump on. lon'chat, nt-lon'cliat, to jump (as fish), hop (as birds). lorg', coffin. loig'gar, loose, slack, loose fit- ting. loig'gok, a heap, pile. Cf. torn- pole- . loig'kaig, drain, sewer. lon'tar, m-lon'tar, -lean, to throw, fling. Cf. 1cm par. lo'roig, a street, lane, alley. Cf. jalan. losin, see dusin. lotar, see lontar. lo'teig (Chin.), upper story; up- stairs. Cf. tirglcat. lo'toi^, a kind of monkey. lo'yar (Eng.), lawyer. I pa, see alpa. -pas', free, disengaged, let loose, released, acquitted, exempt; after, on the conclusion or expiration of some event. Cf. luchut. l-pas' fle-ri-pa'da Im'targ, fre6 from debt. -pns' ma'kan, after eating. 1-pa.s'* $a'tu sa'tu, one thing after another. l-pas' ti'ga lia'ri, after three days. s'o'rarg l-pas' s'o'rarg, one after another. ber-1-pas'-, to escape. l-pas'kan, to set free, deliver, release, let go. lc-l-pa'san, deliverance. -siig' (B.), a sling = ali~ali.