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<poem> ', a mortar in which rice is pounded in order to re- move the husk. Cf. antan. l-tak', >n-l-t<ik', -kan, to put down, lay down; to lay down Or prescribe laws or com- mands; to impose penalties. Cf. b-iiboh and taroli. ItT-l-tak', laid down, placed, prescribed. -teh', weak, feeble, infirm, lan- guid. Cf. I mah. -top', ni-l-top' (103), to explode, detonate. lu' (Chin.) (10), you; used only in addressing Chinese. lu'ar, out, outside, external. de'ri lu'ar, from outside. ill lii'fir, outside. k-lu'ar, to the exterior, out; to go out, come out, issue (49, ). k-lu'ar-kan, to send out, put out, put forth (as fruit), expel, publish (books). k-lu'a-ri, to go out to meet. k-lu'a-mn, extraneous, foreign, alien. lu'as, extensive, vast, spacious. Cf. lebar and laparg. lu'as-kan, to extend, enlarge. k-lu'a-san, wide extent, range, latitude, freedom. lu'bok, a pool, a deep place in a river or in the sea; also lobok. lu'chut, escaped, liberated, dis- engaged, unfastened. lu'dah, bcr-lu'dah, saliva, spittle; to spit. Jii'da-hi, to spit at, spit upon. p-lu'da-han, spittoon. lu'ka, wound ;' wounded. k'na lu'ka, to receive a wound. lu'ka-kan, to wound. lu'kah, a fish trap in the form of a basket. lu'kis, m-lu'kis, to engrave. lu'loh, pulverised. Cf. hiinnf. lu'lus, admitted, allowed, con- ceded, complied with. lu'lus-kan, to comply with, grant, permit. In mat, pulverised. Cf. luloh and serbok. lnm'ba, ber-lum'ba, to compete, vie with, race. Cf. lawan. htni'ba ku'da, horse race. lu'mor, smeared, daubed. lumpoh, see Impoh. lum'pur, mud. Cf. bechak. lu mu t, moss, mould, fungus, seaweed. lu'mut ka'rarg, sponge. lu'nas, keel. luiggu, see blurggu. lunjur, see urijur. lu'pa, m-hi'pa, Jean (148), to forget. Input, to escape, slip away from. CLlucliut. lu'roh, to fair (of dead leaves, ripe fruit, hair, etc.). Cf. s-luroh, see sluroh.. lu'rus, straight, true, sincere. Cf. btul.' In'rus-kan, to straighten. lu'sa, the day after to-morrow. Cf. Mat. lutar, = loniar, q.V. lu tut. the knee. li'pat In' tut,, to bend the knee. bvr-hi'tut, to kneel. Cf. Hut.