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<poem> ma'kan ga'ji, to receive a sa- lary, work for wages. ma' kati hale' o'rarg, to rob a person of his rights, do an injustice. ma'kan mi'num, to eat and drink. ma'kan na'si, to take a meal. ma'kan pa'gi, breakfast. ma' lean ra'chvn, to take poison, be poisoned. ma'kan ro'kok, to smoke the native cigarette. ma'kan s-lii-da'rgan, to eat to- gether. ma'kan su-ap', to take a bribe. ma'kan sum' pah, to break one's oath, perjure oneself. b-ri' ma'kan, to feed. cha'ri ma'kan, to get a living. di-ina'kan a'pl, consumed by fire. ha'bis ma'kan, after eating. ma'ka-nan, food. makh'Iok (Ar.), creature, cre- ated being. Cf. jadi. ma'ki, m-ma'ki, abuse, scolding, vituperation ; to abuse, revile, call names. Cf. nista. ma'kin (95), more, the more. Cf. margkin and mitykin. ma'kin . . ma'kin . . , the more . . the more. . s-ma'kin, by so much the more. ma-ko'ta (Sk.), crown. mak'sud (Ar.), aim, object, pur- pose; sense, meaning. Cf. hndak and man. ma' lam, night; the Malays reck- on the day to begin at 6 p.m., so the night belongs to the following da.y, and therefore malam ahad is Saturday night, not Sunday night. ma' lam ha'ri, night time. ma'lam s-ka'rarg, ma'lam i'ni or ma'lam da'targ, to-night. ma'lam ia'di, last night. ja'uh ma'lam, late at night. ,. s-ma'lam, last night. si-arg' ma'lam, day and night. t'rgah ma'lam, midnight. ber-ma'lam, to pass the night. ma'larg, unfortunate, wretched. uritorg yarg ma'larg, bad for- tune. o'rarg ma'larg, a wretched fel- low. k-ma'la-rgan, misfortune. ma las, lazy, idle. Malayu, see Mlatjit. ma-li'gai (Tarn.), palace; usual- ly istana. m'a'lim (Ar.), teacher, instruc- tor, pilot, guide, mate on a ship. ma'lu, shame, disgrace; ashamed, bashful, modest. b-ri' ma'lu, to cause shame or disgrace to a person. k'na ma'lu, to be disgraced. k-ma'lu-an, shame, disgrace ; the private parts. m'a'lum (Ar.), known, notorious. b-ri' m'a'lum, to make known. m'a'lum-kan, to inform, make known. Cf. bri tahu. ma'mah, to chew, masticate. Cf. kulom. ma'mak, uncle, aunt. ma-man'da, a polite form of mamak. mam'bary;, certain supernatural beings, spirits. mam'pus, dead: usually matt. m'a'mur (Ar.), populous, thick-. ly inhabited.