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Penggunaan sunting

 | firstname    = 
 | lastname     = 
 | last_initial = 
 | birthyear    = 
 | deathyear    = 
 | description  = 
 | image        = 
 | wikipedia    = 
 | wikiquote    = 
 | commons      = 
 | commonscat   = 

This template is meant to be used on author pages. Fill in any relevant information, and leave unknown or inapplicable parameters empty. Please don't remove or reorder parameters, as this makes reuse and automated maintenance more difficult.

Parameter sunting

(Contoh penggunaan di bawah mungkin dapat membantu untuk dapat lebih mengerti mengenai hal ini.)

  • Normal parameters
    • {{{firstname}}}, {{{lastname}}}: The first and family name of the author. If the order family-name given-name commonly known as the Eastern order applies, please enter the name in the parameter "lastname", for example as in the author page Sun Yat-sen.
    • {{{last_initial}}}: The initial letters of the family name.
    • {{{birthyear}}}, {{{deathyear}}}: The birth and death years in numerical format (#BCE for dates before year 1). Do not use text like "circa" or "c.".
    • {{{description}}}: A brief description of author's works, and personal history; usable for specific notes.
    • {{{image}}}: The name of the image on Wikisource or Wikicommons, excluding the 'image:' or 'file:' prefixes (Filename.ext).
  • Internal links (optional - use whichever are appropriate)
    • {{{portal}}}: slash-separated list of related portals. eg, World History/Greece
    • {{{related_author}}}: slash-separated list of related authors. eg. William Shakespeare/Francis Bacon
  • Interwiki links (optional - use whichever are appropriate)
    • {{{wikipedia}}}, {{{commons}}}, {{{commonscat}}}, {{{wikiquote}}}, {{{wikinews}}}, {{{wiktionary}}}, {{{wikibooks}}}, {{{wikiversity}}}, {{{wikispecies}}}, {{{meta}}}
  • Overrides (for exceptions)
    • {{{defaultsort}}}: Override the category sorting, which is normally "{{{lastname}}}, {{{firstname}}}".
    • {{{dates}}}: Override the birth and death year. {{{birthyear}}} and {{{deathyear}}} may still be supplied, and will be used for categorisation.
    • {{{image_caption}}}: Override the default firstname lastname
    • {{{upright}}}: upright = yes to the image configuration applies a 0.6 scaling factor for long images
    • {{{invert_names}}}: invert_names = yes to use where the lastname should precede the firstname

Note:With the exception of description, none of the parameters should be wikilinked (wrapped in [[ ]]) as the requisite fields are appropriately designed to do such linking. Links can be used within the descriptive text by traditional or wikilink methodologies.

Contoh penggunaan sunting

 | firstname    = Booker T.
 | lastname     = Washington
 | last_initial = Wa
 | birthyear    = 1856
 | deathyear    = 1915
 | description  = (Description here.)
 | image        = BookerTWashington-Cheynes.LOC.jpg
 | wikipedia    = Booker T. Washington
 | wikiquote    = Booker T. Washington
 | commons      = 
 | commonscat   = 
Booker T. Washington
Political leader, educator and author.
Booker T. Washington

Lihat pula sunting

  • {{author subpage}} untuk subhalaman yang dihasilkan untuk pengarang
  • {{header}} untuk templat header yang digunakan di ruang nama utama
  • {{process header}} untuk templat header yang digunakan di ruang nama Wikisource: dan Portal: